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How to drive the Mosquito? Let's try this silicone mosquito repellent wrist band

      Are you feel annoyance for the mosquito or insect? Especially in outdoor, it must disturb your good mood. Our new product will help you solve this problem. Try this one, silicone mosquito repellent wristband.

     It's a colorful band with the mosquito repellent essential oil capsule. The essential is made in Lemon citronella, lavender, clove, etc natural plant essential oils. Absolutely does not contain insect repellent and other chemical composition, safe for human.

      For the wristband, it's made in soft silicone rubber, soft touch and flexible. With the buckle, you can adjust the length, just like the wristwatch. And we have many candy colors for it as fishion accessories. Also we can print your logo or company name on it as a promotional gift.

      With all these ecofriendly material, this silicone mosquito repellent wristband can be used by baby or old man.

      Welcome to contact us if you want to get more information. 

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