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What's the difference between silicone and soft pvc products

 The difference between silicone and soft pvc products


When we talk about the silicone product, maybe your first impression is sex toy, kitchenware, or the wristband. Yes, they are made by silicone, just in different quality grade.

But when we talk about pvc, what will you think of? The plastic tube? Or the keychain? Both is right. So you can know, the state of pvc can be hard or soft. This article we just compare the silicone with the soft pvc. Because in some products, soft pvc is an alternative material of silicone.

The below points will help you distinguish these two material.

1>     Appearance:

The below picture is compare the two sids of silicone and soft pvc. The back side of the soft pvc product always be sticky, reflective. Without the special requirement, the silicone products always be matt for different sides. This is due to the different produce technology between two materials. In the next article I will show the produciton process of these two materials. Now have the technology to make the back side of the soft pvc into matt, but the cost is near to the silicone, it’s not worthy.

Appearance between silicone and soft pvc


2>     Touch:

On the hardness, the silicone product is softer than the soft pvc products. And have a better performance on the tenacity and elasticity. Although the hardness of these two material can be adjusted, but the soft pvc don’t have the tenacity

The below two coasters are in the same thickness, the white one is in silicone, the black one is in soft pvc. You can see that the silicone one can be stretched, but the soft pvc one can’t be.

Tenacity between silicone and soft pvc


3>     Burning

Burning them is the most directly way for distinguishing. When burn the silicone product, the smell is less pungent. The smoke is in white. And it will become into the white powder after burned.

When burn the soft pvc product, the smel is pungent. The smoke is black, and the burned part become black.

Burining between silicone and soft pvc


4>     Quality

The silicone have the food grade and medical grade, so it’s widely used on the kitchenware, toiletry, or other skin touching products. It can pass the FDA and Rohs certification. The medical grade silicone even be used on the nipple or human body.

With the sttict control, some pvc products can pass the Rohs certification, but most of the products on the market cant.


5>     Withstanding temperature

The silicone product can withstand the temperature between -60℃ to 250℃, can be used in the microwave oven. The baking mat and baking mold is a representative of this feature.


The soft pvc product maximum operating temperature is 150.


With these comparisons, we can know that silicone product is in a higher quality than soft pvc. So how to choose the suitable material when we develop a new product?

The cost of soft pvc product is lower, no matter the mold cost or unit price. If you want to save the cost, or the quantity of the order is low, it’s a good choice. It’s always be made as the flat procuts, such as the keychain, cartoon tag, bar mat. In the near years, with the development of the technology, it also can be made in a 3D figure.

soft pvc products


The silicone product is in a higher cost, both the production mold and unit price. If you have a high requirement on the quality, it’s better to choose the silicone. And because its high plasticity and elestic, it’s common use on the 3D product, such as the stander, phone cover. It’s irreplaceable by soft pvc.

silicone products



My name is Jason, just a Chinese work in a factory that can produce the silicone and soft pvc products, not a professional writer, if have the wrong spelling or grammar, welcome to tell me and help me to improve it. I work in this industry since 2012, these points just summary by my own experience. If you have any disagree or different views, welcome to discuss together. Also, if you need any supports on the production of these two material products, welcome to contact us. My email is [email protected], website:


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