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4 recommendations for good giveaway gift?

 How to select a giveaway gift?


To enhance your brand awareness, promote your company or store, sending a give-away gift is a useful and common method. But how to select a suitable free gift?

These three points should be a guidance for your selection.

1.      Low price

This maybe an initial point for many companies. As a free gift, certainly we hope it can be economic.

2.      Customize with your information

It’s important to print your company logo, name, contact number, website or other information on the gift. Let them remember your company name.

3.      Practicability

If your gift is very useful for your customers, a good impression must be left for them.


As a manufacture, we did many different products for our customers to use as a give-away gift. Let me list several popular promotion gift for you.

1.      PopSocket cellphone holder.

This is a phone holder that attached on your cellphone with the 3M sticker. When it strentches, it can be used as a phone stander, phone grip. It’s very convenient. It can be collapsible if you don’t need to use it, save the room. Certainly, it can be printed with your company information.

The lowest unit price can be finished in US$0.15. For these above features, this popsocket phone holder have been the most popular promotion gift in past 3 years.

 popsocket phone holder

2.      A pen with your logo.

It’s not only print your conmapny name on the pen, but also can customize a soft pvc tag to attach on the pen. If you have a cartoon image, this will be a good option.

penpromotion pen

3.      Keychain

Customize your logo as a keychain, let your customers think of you when they use they key.

 customize keychain

4.      Cup coster.

If your business is drinks or kitchenware, the coaster is very suitable. Embosse your company information on it, let your gift become a decoration of your customer’s table.

coaster cup mat


With the mold develop department, we can create the mold to achieve your idea. We still have many existing products can be used as the promotional gift. Welcome to contact us to find out a suitable give-away gift plan. Free design drawing service can be provided. Our website is,  email: [email protected]

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